Michael J. Fox Theatre Lobby Mosaic Mural (2006)
We worked with teachers and students at Burnaby South Secondary School to execute this 2 story (14 feet wide and 24 feet high) mural on a curved wall.

We worked largely with students' ideas for the original cartoon. This had to be scaled up to full size and divided into 66 48" x 16" panels. Colours were translated into glazes and hundreds of tiles glazed and fired. These were broken to provide the raw colour elements that were assembled into the final panels. After installation, over 350 lineal feet of tiling and grouting was necessary on the scaffold to integrate the individual panels.
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1. The original cartoon
2. The full-sized drawing
3. Students helping on the sections
4. There were 66 panels each 16" x 48" 
5. Spreading 'Thin-Set' to set the tiles
6. Turning the boards with set tiles
7. The initial top section
8. Installing the panels
9. Cutting adjustments in-situ
10. Grouting the tiles in-situ