City of Burnaby Millennium Mural (2001)
We conceived the 'mural' in the form of sculpture poles to reflect the 'Playground of the Gods' done by Ainu sculptor Noburi Toko as a gift from Kushiro, Burnaby's sister city in Japan.

The sections of the three 14 foot high poles representing Burnaby's Past, Present and Future were chimney flue-liner sections from a local First Nation's brickworks.  The surfaces were carved and sculpted in workshops with community groups by people ranging from Grade 3 to 101 years old.

The sections were fired at the brickworks and assembled around a steel column.
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The Burnaby Millennium Sculpture Poles
The poles reference the 'Playground of the Gods' on Burnaby Mountain.
Working with High School Students
Students at work
A completed section
Assembling the fired sections around a steel column
The oldest participant