About Wildrice Studio

Well, there's the Rice-Jones of course, but then Celia's maiden name was Wild, so we come by it honestly. Wildrice is peculiarly Canadian and it isn't even rice so that works too!
We have over 90 years experience between us and still invent new ways to screw up, which tells you something about the nature of clay and that we are always pushing the edge.
We came together and set up the shared studio in 1988. The studio was established first and then the house and garden have grown around us.

The original kiln was rebuilt in 2000, after 200 firings, as a 30 cu.ft. trolley kiln and the kiln shed area enlarged. It now has a smaller salt/soda kiln, a small gas test kiln, spray booth, clay storage and Keith's clay mixer. Sometimes in the summer the open, covered area expands the studio work space too. We fire the main kiln about once a month and the salt kiln when we find time to make a run of work.

In the workshop as well as an electric kiln for bisque, there are a couple of wheels, a slab roller, a large table and Celia's pug mill. It's not large for two so work has to move through on a cycle. We make space for each other if either of us is on a big run and take it in turns to make the tea! CBC is always on and things generally work out. We have a great respect for each others skills and abilities so requests for feedback are part of our working together. Although we have such different ways of working with clay, we find a common resonance of ideas and complementary contributions with collaborative projects.